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We go the extra mile to get you the best deal on a Kia Rio


Rio Deals was created by a group of car industry veterans who recognized a need in the market for car buyers to have better representation when purchasing a vehicle. We started with Rio’s specifically as it’s a great car with high turnover (literally thousands are sold in Melbourne each year).

When someone looking to purchase a Rio contacts us, the first thing we do is establish their exact requirements i.e. how many doors, color, transmission type etc. If you’re not sure exactly that’s fine, we can help you choose. Once this is established, we’ll start contacting dealerships to check the availability of the desired Rio. During this process we might find out there are suitable demo’s available, or that a particular dealer is overstocked and hence will be willing to move more on price.

Then the negotiation process begins. With our years of experience and connections, we know exactly how to negotiate the dealerships down and make sure that you’re getting the absolute best price. You might think they hate us for doing this, but in fact we help them move their Rio’s more quickly, so it’s a win/win situation for them and the buyer.

If you need car finance, we can help with that as well. We’ll provide you advice on the best options available at the time to ensure you don’t get stuck making higher repayments than you need to.


  • We know how to negotiate with dealers
  • We know stock levels across Melbourne
  • Have an industry expert working for you
  • Risk free, you’ll only save money
  • Help with choosing the best finance option
  • No need to deal with pushy salespeople
  • Deal with friendly consultants

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